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The Concept is based on Japanese Street Fashion Magazine “Fruits”
Fruits (stylized "FRUiTS") was a monthly Japanese street fashion magazine founded in 1997 by photographer Shoichi Aoki

FRUiTS featured a simple layout, with the bulk of the magazine made up of single full-page photographs accompanied by a brief profile of the photographed person, which included their age, occupation, and a description of what brands they were wearing (if applicable), as well as their self-described "point of fashion" (style inspiration).
Most issues included only a couple of advertisements, and typically only for local businesses. Occasional special-edition issues of FRUiTS also included more extensive profiles of frequently photographed people, or reader-created artwork.
After 20 years and 233 issues, Shoichi Aoki announced in February 2017 that FRUiTS magazine would cease publication effective immediately because "there are no more cool kids" to photograph
However, it’s still alive and well at instagram.
is a web format of “Macro” Street Style Magazine.
featured a very simple layout, displays only the latest 24 posts avoiding endless scrolling, information overload.
publish print viastilus magazine on random dates.
crowdsourced (general public)
post only photos (selfies)
spotters (teams)
post photo and text (height, weight, and shop)
Simple Design
no more - no less
Very Light
no nonsence added!
no judgement / review
no thumb-ups
no pop-ups
no tracking
no cookies
Posting is as easy as 1,2,3
1. Snap a Fashion Selfie
2. Add your email address*
3. Email your selfie
Try it here.
your email address is deleted on the hour and on the half-hour.

to get inspired by the contents
of your own wardrobes
to promote local designers
and students
to promote local business
and shops



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