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In 1942, in the USA, the War Production Board introduced restrictions on allowable fabrics. They banned cuffs, hoods and limited the circumference of ladies skirts, jacket lengths and hems. Even the height of your heels were under observation ! Swimsuits had the midriff cut out to save fabric and the two piece swimsuit ( though around in the 1930s, became more the norm ).
1940’s Clothing Restrictions in the US
  • Dress/Skirt Hems – Maximum 2 inch depth
  • Jacket Length – 28 inches or less in length
  • Heel Height – Maximum 1 inch
  • Skirt circumference – Maximum 84 inches
  • Slack Bottom Width – Maximum 14 inches
  • Blouse Sleeve Width – Maximum 14 inches
  • Bathing Suit – 10% reduction in fabric

Despite restrictions, American women in uniform were quite glamorous, compared to their British counterparts. The uniforms of the WAVES, was the envy of all.